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9 March 2020 ***Season II***

Infomation :-

Season III Start : 10.9.2020 (Always Press Login)

***Detail Update Season III***
1. Change Accessories +2 Super To +2 Plus (Only Name Change)
2. Add New Accessories Max.
3. Add New Helm Quest.
4. Add New Lion Helm For Top Overall Nation.
5. Add New Accessories Max Quest At MC/RC (Upgrade From +2 Plus)
6. Add Helm Quest At MC/RC (Direct Max Stat)
7. Add Quest Witch Tail At Vit/CZ (Witch Tail For Making Quest No.5)
8. Add Quest Helm Scroll Box RANDOM To Get Scroll Helm At Edin (Helm Scroll For Making Quest No.6)
9. Witch Tail And Helm Scroll Only Available For Current ID After Receive.
10. Wipe All Fame Player.
11. Wipe Fame Guild.
12. Add Trophy Season II Reward For Top Class.
13. Fix Some Minor Bug.

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